Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

GENOSOLUTIONS Inc. collects and uses the following personal information to verify the identity of the test subject of the Service and to provide the test results including analysis, print/delivery of the test results, customer consultation, communication of announcements, and development of new services to the test subject.

Collected Items

Purpose of Collection

Basis of Collection and

Period of Possession

• Name, date of birth, gender

• Genetic information and clinical survey/questionnaire information

• Web access information

• Identification of the test subject, customer consultation, and communication of announcements

• Analysis of sensitivity/susceptibility to disease and development and provisions of the Service

• Access frequency and statistics of service use

• From the date of consent to the withdrawal from the Service

However, genetic/questionnaire information and statistical data that have been converted into anonymous data are kept regardless of the possession period

Full consent must be made for the collection and use of all of the information listed above. GenoSolution reserves the right to refuse to perform the Service if full consent is not given.